Why a Tech Blog?

Updated: May 15, 2021

With advancements in technology moving at an exponential rate, I believe it's super important to educate on the many features and defects a lot of your dearest tech possesses.

This way, you can make better educated decisions on choosing the right device for you, as well as, know all the tips and tricks in using your phone to its full potential.

One thing that has been made apparent is that although devices are getting better at processing all types of data and information, there hasn't been huge waves made in the cellphone industry for quite some time.

This has led to recall after recall and particular makes and models dealing with very common issues. In addition, the cost of having the newest tech in your hands comes with a price tag that closely resembles a down payment on a car!

Because of these 2 factors it has become the norm for many consumers to continually repair and upgrade their used devices so that they can run more efficiently especially in todays quick moving tech world.

BUT, with this influx of phones hitting repair shops many consumers can be discouraged by high prices and inexperience in what is involved in these phones working properly.

Our goal here at Glitch Tech is to educate, serve and provide the resources and tools so you can know and detect what these device issues are and what these symptoms represent.

Most, if not all, emerging issues are a result of poor production practices resulting in overly common defects arising over time.

Here is a breakdown of very common issues among Apple models:

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Touch IC Disease:

  • Flickering gray bars dropping down from the top of screen

  • Touch screen not working

  • Ghost touch or phantom touchscreen

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Audio IC Disease:

  • Callers can't hear you

  • Voice memos are greyed out

  • Sound doesn't record on videos

  • Siri can't hear you

  • You hear static on calls

  • Speakerphone doesn't work

  • Phone takes a very long time to boot

No Service Issue:

  • Can't connect to network

  • Will not show device IMEI

  • Warning Triangle at top left saying "No Service"

  • Upon resetting your device will show the above warning (refer to above photo)

These issues have been found to be extremely common and require the work of an experienced technician that can replace and micro solder these necessary chips that tend to become damaged over time.

Finding a highly experienced technician for the job is as important as the job itself because it is the difference between a device that can go bad very fast or one that is actually in better working condition than when it came out of the factory.

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